Choosing the right hair and makeup artist is crucial to ensure you look and feel your best on your special day.

Here are some steps to help you make the right decision:

Start Early: 

Begin your search for a makeup artist and hair stylist well in advance. The best professionals often get booked quickly, especially during peak wedding season. Aim to start your search about 9-12 months before your wedding. Always try to book a call first in order to get the feel and to make sure that initial conversation is one of warmth and knowledge where you feel comfortable and in safe hands. 

Research and Gather Inspiration: 

Look for inspiration in bridal magazines, online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. If getting married at a venue ask for their recommended supplier list, they will recommend talented hair and makeup artists who know the venue which gives the bonus of a united feeling on the wedding day. Having a clear idea of the style you want will help you communicate your preferences to the artists. All artists have signature styles - a wedding planner can help you match artists to deliver your preferred look. 

Read Reviews and Check Portfolios

Look for reviews and testimonials from past clients. This will give you insights into the artist's reliability, professionalism and skill. Check their portfolios to see if their previous work aligns with the style you're aiming for.


Definitely book a hair and makeup trial - this is such an important part of your wedding planning. You will meet your artist face to face and discuss your preferences. Allow 3 hours for the trial which allows time to try a few variations. Before your trial, share your ideas and images with the artist. Wear a top in a similar colour and neckline to your wedding dress to help bring the look together. Trials should be done 3-4 months before the wedding, many artists have their own studios (MACH offer the 3 C’s at their Cotswolds studio - coffee, cakes and crumpets!) or trials can take place at your own house if easier. May to September are usually pretty busy for most artists so your trial may need to be a mid week evening or on a Sunday.

Communication and Compatibility: 

It's important that you and the artist communicate well and understand each other. They should be open to your ideas and provide their professional opinion as well. A good artist will make you feel comfortable and listened to.

Contract and Booking: 

Once you've found an artist you're comfortable with, make sure to sign a contract that outlines all the terms, including the services to be provided, the schedule, the pricing and any cancellation or refund policies. This protects both you and the artist.

Wedding Day Prep: 

Preparation for your wedding day is essential. Healthy skin gives makeup longevity and a feel good factor. Rachael at Oxfordshire Bridal Hair and Makeup wouldn't recommend adding any new products into your routine up to a month before your wedding day. Have a  facial a month before your wedding, a strong skin care routine, drink lots of water and ensure you get lots of sleep. Cut your hair a few weeks before and use regular hair masks. 

Hair Up or Down: 

It's always a good idea to trial both looks with a few variations on each theme. You won't always know until you try and the neckline of your dress can impact what style works. Hair up for ceremony can also be then styled and pinned with the foresight to unpin later and have hair down - this creates two looks and both options are covered.

Veil Tips:

Think about whether the veil is going to be worn or the face or simply down the back. The hair styling will need to be incorporated for either. If the veil is being worn over the face then the placement of the comb in the hair needs to not be too far back or the veil sits flat on the head. The same for the veil laying effortlessly down the back means the comb can be placed in various positions on the back of the style or on the height of the crown.


This very much depends on your chosen look and hair styling/thickness. As a guide allow a minimum of 2 hours for bridal hair and makeup and an hour and a half for other bridal party members (45 minutes for each hair and makeup) 

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion and feeling confident in your appearance is essential. Take your time to find the right makeup artist and hair stylist who will help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of for your big day.

HUGE thank you to wedding hair and makeup experts for their words of wisdom and support in creating this blog post.

Claire Hanson at MACH Management

Cotswold based provider of elite MUA and hair stylists, Claire the Creative Director is no stranger to working with celebrities and royalty.

Rachael Capocci at Oxfordshire Bridal Hair and Makeup

Oxfordshire based provider of natural enhancing makeup and Hollywood wave expert. Rachael's positive energy is infectious.