Dazzle on Your Big Day

I’m thrilled to share with you some invaluable tips to ensure you shine on your special day with the perfect wedding jewellery. I’ve teamed up with the talented jewellery designer Kate MacAngus to curate the ultimate wedding jewellery guide.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and every detail matters. When it comes to your bridal look, the right jewellery can elevate your style and add a touch of glamour. While it might not be every day that you get to wear a wedding dress, chances are you’re a bit more familiar with wearing jewellery. You know what works and what you feel most confident in, so let that be a baseline for your overall bridal look.

1. Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: 

  • Ensure your engagement ring is cleaned and polished
  • Double-check that both wedding bands are ready for the exchange of vows

2. Necklace:

  • Choose a necklace that complements the neckline of your dress, V-necks pair perfectly with pendants while chokers and statement necklaces go better with strapless and sweetheart necklines
  • Consider adding a sentimental piece, like a family heirloom or a gift from your partner for that touch of extra love 

3. Earrings:

  • Select earrings that enhance your hairstyle and overall look
  • Keep it simple f your dress is intricate or go bold if you're rocking a more minimalist gown 

4. Bracelet:

  • A delicate bracelet can add a subtle touch of elegance to your overall look

5. Hair Accessories: 

  • Consider the style of your dress when choosing hairpieces
  • If your dress is the cake, choose one thing to be the icing and let your hair accessories take the spotlight whether it's a tiara, hairpin or comb

6. Something Borrowed, Something Blue:

  • Incorporate sentimental or blue-hued jewellery for luck and tradition

7. Switch Up:

  • The jewellery you wear for your ceremony doesn’t have to be the same jewellery you wear for the rest of the wedding, consider changing it up to keep things fresh and exciting 

8. Mix:

  • Embrace your personality by mixing metals and gemstones to create a look that reflects your personality

Kate truly knows her stuff when it comes to making jewellery, so be sure to check out our full Q&A for more insights. Now, let’s address some common questions about wedding jewellery:

At what point should a couple think about wedding jewellery?

I always recommend giving yourself plenty of time, especially if you're opting for bespoke pieces. Generally, it's best to start considering your wedding jewellery after the dress is bought, but timelines may vary depending on your preferences. I’m working with a bride at the moment who has a very unique engagement ring, which means her wedding ring will also need to be bespoke to sit comfortably around it, for this bride I have asked for 3 months.

How do I choose my wedding jewellery?

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic sources of inspiration. Sometimes the endless choice can be overwhelming, so be mindful there are a million ways to look amazing on your special day. Explore different options and find what resonates with you and your personal style.

What jewellery options are there?

The possibilities are endless. For most people the truly important jewellery piece is their wedding rings, and often for many British men this is the first piece of jewellery that they have worn and even purchased for themselves, and it is exciting to see how people are really stepping out from tradition and wanting something different. Whether it be the materials used, coloured stones, patterns, textures, customers are considering different options that reflect who they are as individuals and a couple.

A very personal but lovely option is reusing family gold to make a new piece. Last year I made a wedding ring for one of my brides, from her grandad’s signet, and that was such a personal remodelling job with deep meaning for her. Essentially irreplaceable.

What jewellery do you recommend for different necklines?

Each neckline calls for a different approach to jewellery. Consider how your accessories will complement the details of your dress, whether it's a high neckline, plunging V-neck or sweetheart cut.

How much should I budget for wedding rings?

Budgets vary depending on your preferences and priorities. Keep in mind that certain metals, styles, and stones may come with a higher price tag. If you know you want a chunky platinum wedding band with diamonds then it's best to start budgeting in the region of £2000 plus. 

What is your signature style?

I'm all about creating pieces with personal touches that hold special meaning for my clients. Whether it's an engraving or incorporating sentimental elements, I strive to make each piece truly unique and meaningful. I recently made an engagement ring that was inspired by Cornwall and for this the main shank of the ring was hammered and textured. This look amazing with the blue sapphire, as it really did reflect the coastal beauty that Cornwall is known for, and the extra personal touch was that the yellow gold setting was made from a link of a gold bracelet the groom had inherited from his father who had passed. So a truly personal ring.

What trend do you hope to see more of in 2024/25?

I anticipate coloured stones will continue to take centre stage, particularly with engagement rings. Statement earrings will continue to gain popularity, these look amazing with off the shoulder dresses and a slick bun or up do, breaking up the space between the head and the shoulders. Gorgeous baroque pearls and threader earrings make a feature of the back of the lobe as much as the front. 

Any wedding jewellery do's and don'ts?

While trends can be influential, it's essential to make them your own and stay true to your personal style. Consider factors like your lifestyle and the longevity of your jewellery when making decisions.

What do you love most about your job? How do you stay motivated?

I love knowing that my jewellery plays a part in my clients' special moments, from their wedding day to the rest of their lives. That sense of connection and contribution keeps me motivated to create meaningful pieces every day.

Your favourite Instagram accounts?

For bridal inspiration, I love following accounts like @rosieredcorsetry for stunning dresses and @thenagundotree for exquisite floral arrangements. She did my wedding flowers and is a dream to work with. For a dose of creativity, @elliemac.embroidery never fails to impress with their intricate embroidery designs.

Check out Kate's work at MacAngus Designs or on Instagram - her stories will make your day.

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, your jewellery should reflect that same sentiment. I hope this guide helps you navigate the world of wedding jewellery with confidence and excitement. If you're ready to start planning your dream wedding, get in touch or book your free discovery call and let's make your vision a reality.