As we step into the new year, couples planning to tie the knot in 2024 are gearing up for weddings that reflect their unique love story and personalities. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and you want it to be unforgettable. With so many trends and ideas out there, how do you choose the ones that will truly make your big day one to remember? In this blog post, we'll explore what's trending right now in the world of weddings so you can plan the wedding of your dreams. Here’s my wedding trend predictions for the New Year and the top wedding trends that are set to dominate 2024…

Bold Colour:

Bold tonal colour palettes with accents of blues and pantone's colour of 2024 peach fuzz will dominate. I adore this sunset inspired colour palette and nature’s beauty will be a major source of wedding colour inspiration for 2024 couples. 

sunset wedding colour palette
pantone 2024 colour
tonal wedding colours

Wedding Attire:

2024 wedding attire is about making a statement - from custom wedding gowns, tailored suits and accessories that reflect your individual style. There is a growing trend to embrace non-white and non-traditional wedding dresses. Many brides are opting for dresses with colour to express their personality and stand out from the crowd. Bridal separates will still be a popular choice for brides in 2024, two piece outfits offer the ease of multiple looks throughout the day.

A trend I am loving is shorter veils, less formal yet still super stylish. Veils are now a fun accessory that express your individual style from headband-veil combos to glittering tulle veils perfect for an afterparty. 

The stand out men's accessory of the year that will transform any outfit is the brooch (I think Stewart the Celebrant will agree!) Effortlessly elegant and allows you to tailor to your specific interest and taste plus the perfect gift for your groomsmen.

wedding dress with colour
short wedding veil
statement wedding dress
men's wedding brooch

Food and Drink:

Wedding menus should feel personal and not generic, consider including a family recipe and printing it on the reverse of the menu.  2024 will continue to see the oh so popular dessert table - an eye-catching display to express the couple's personality and style. Customisation is key, from monogrammed cookies to desserts inspired by the couple's favourites or sweet treats they discovered together. Make your dessert table an interactive experience for your guests. A live flambé station adds an element of excitement and engagement. 

Signature cocktails are no longer enough. Couples are opting for a bespoke cocktail experience, based on their own taste and preferences. I am also seeing a growing trend of couples opting for shots instead of champagne toasts.

wedding cocktails
wedding dessert station
bespoke wedding cocktails

Sustainable Celebrations:

Environmental consciousness continues to shape wedding trends, with couples opting for eco-friendly choices. In 2024, expect to see weddings adorned with sustainable decorations, locally sourced flowers and eco-conscious catering options. From biodegradable confetti to zero-waste favours, couples are weaving sustainability into every aspect of their celebrations.

Wedding Stationery:

Your wedding invitations and stationery set the tone for your big day and give your guests a glimpse into what to expect.  One trend that has gained considerable popularity is the creation of a personalised wedding crest, a symbol that encapsulates the couple's story and elevates their wedding. Often featuring elements like initials, symbols of love, or motifs that hold special meaning to the couple.

Weekend Weddings:

Weddings are different from any other kind of party because you’re balancing a set of expected traditions with the desire to have fun. Sometimes trying to marry the two fails - consider breaking tradition and have a weekend celebration. This trend provides the opportunity for a host of events, from a ceremony rehearsal and dinner the day before to relaxed post wedding lunch. Weekend weddings are perfect for a marquee celebration not only maximising the usage, also allowing more time with friends and family that have travelled from afar.

wedding crest
wedding weekend planner
2024 wedding trend predications by Katie Lou Weddings


Entertainment plays a crucial role in creating a memorable and enjoyable wedding experience. Couples are now opting for unique and unexpected entertainment options to surprise and delight their guests. 

The digital guest book offers couples more immersive well wishes shared by guests. Relive your special day through heartfelt photos, funny videos and touching audio messages. 

Live music continues to gain popularity and there is an increased trend for live music during the meal to build the energy ahead of the evening reception. Another trend that is sure to impress your guests is the inclusion of interactive entertainment. From live illustrators and saxophonists to drone shows and photo booths - all provide endless entertainment and create unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

audio guest book
wedding sax
live wedding artist
wedding drone display

Textured Cakes:

Understated luxury and ultra chic, bridging the gap between super-simple wedding cakes and highly detailed creations, textured cakes give you the best of both worlds. Texture is created using brush strokes, stencils and palette knives and the end result is a completely unique finish, highly personalised to the couple.

Statement Bars:

It's no secret that the bar is typically the most popular spot at any reception. After your guests sip their celebratory flute of champagne, chances are they're going to head to the bar. Since it's such a popular hangout, why not make it an area to remember with a statement bar? Custom and statement bars will be a big trend in 2024 with couples going for bold colours and patterns plus personalised branding.


Always a favourite of mine, a celebrant-led wedding offers you flexibility to make your ceremony totally personal and meaningful plus you can hold where ever your hearts desire. Infuse your ceremony with games, readings, music and religious rituals from different faiths, include your pets, write your vows- it’s entirely up to you what to include. Please reach out for celebrant recommendations.

The wedding landscape is evolving, couples are redefining traditional norms and infusing their celebrations with unique touches that reflect their love story. If you are still unsure how to incorporate trends you are seeing and love into your wedding, book a discovery call here we can discuss your ideas and how to incorporate into your special day.

The trends of 2024 promise to make weddings a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Cheers to a year of love, joy and celebrations! Katie. x